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Low corporate headquarters

Address: shenzhen longgang ailian love industry ailian road number five

Telephone: 0755-29822896, 29822921

The true: 0755-29822973

Marketing Department general manager: hai-ping li

Hand machine: 13802261735

The ministry of commerce manager: trey

Hand machine: 15112321456

Mail box:

QQ: 2355413252

Shenzhen marketing manager: Han Shi chess

Hand machine: 18344471116

Mail box:

QQ: 249319865

Low sales area (including: guangdong, hainan)

Address: guangzhou huadu district, yao road 28

Regional managers: wen-long pan

Hand machine: 13925140192, 18826220738

Mail box:

(including: low sales area of chongqing, hubei, Tibet)

Address: chongqing pearls lian fang bridge rich continent metro 2 unit 6 28-1

Regional managers (manager) and chongqing area: Ding Yugong

Hand machine: 13590304155

Q Q: 391475892

Mail box:

Office address: Tibet, 500 chengdu tianfu road Middle East hope tienhsiang plaza, no. 3 floor 3713

General manager office: Tibet has

Hand machine: 13316970949

QQ number: 2621339783

Mail box:

Office address: hubei wuhan hongshan district textile road no. 1

Hubei area manager: Yu Yanshu

Hand machine: 18702716751

Mail box:

Low sales areas (including: yunnan, guizhou)

Address: dynamic yunnan kunming panlong platinum avenue spending 95 room 402, building 3 unit

Regional general manager: li chuan

Hand machine: 13987637932

Telephone: 0871-5708996

Mail box:

Yunnan area manager: Chen Xiaozhong

Hand machine: 13518712511

Mail box:

Office address: guizhou guiyang nanming GanPing road 142

Guizhou area manager: Yan Xuemei

Hand machine: 13658500557

Mail box:

Low sales 4 areas (including: Beijing, tianjin, Inner Mongolia)

Address: haidian district best ring apartment, room 703

Regional managers: wen-biao wang

Hand machine: 13901394746

Telephone: 010-82517646, 82517616

The true: 010-82517958

Mail box:

Office address: Inner Mongolia Hohhot zhongshan road hailiang E tower, room 1324

Inner Mongolia regional manager, Mr. Wang

Hand machine: 15326012767

Mail box:

Low sales five districts (including: heilongjiang, jilin)

City lights, 3000 address: changchun erdao DongCheng street no. 3 floor, room 602

Regional managers: golden tiger army

Hand machine: 18643118611

Telephone: 0431-85071611

The true: 0431-85071611

Mail box:

Low sales six area (including: liaoning, xinjiang)

Address: shenyang new silver east road no. 1

Regional managers: the Lord

Hand machine: 13904009726

Mail box:

Office address: xinjiang xinjiang shihezi city green in 80, building 80 room

Xinjiang regional manager: wang

Hand machine: 18290718636

Mail box:

Low sales seven area (including: Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, fujian)

Address: Shanghai pudong Jin Yu road no. 100, no. 3 floor, room 818 (jin * golden bridge international phase ii)

Regional managers (and fujian regional manager) : jiang-feng liu

Hand machine: 13818922408

Telephone: 021-58605873/58605356

The true: 021-58605356

Mail box:

Shanghai area manager: long yu

Hand machine: 13564206455

Mail box:

Jiangsu regional manager: wearing day

Hand machine: 18917570019

Mail box:

Zhejiang area manager: WenChongLin

Hand machine: 18217683219

Mail box:

Low sales eight area (including: gansu)

Address: anning district lanzhou city, gansu province set up rather east road, room 302, building 1 unit, science and education east area 1

Regional managers: hu chang xin

Mobile: 13530223105 13534299365

Email address:

Low jiangxi office (jiangxi)

Address: jiujiang xingzi county white hart avenue 252 with 16

General manager office: Yi Zhongyang

Hand machine: 18680398758, 15179223006

Telephone: 0792-2669709

Mail box:

"Sichuan office (area of sichuan province)

Address: chengdu it manufacturers in new road and port road intersection (partnership by the cathay hotel)

General manager office: Chen Guoyi

Hand machine: 13980580323, 15928771007

Telephone: 028-61910706/61910708

The true: 028-61910709

Mail box:

Office, deputy general manager has

Hand machine: 13316970949

QQ number: 2621339783

Mail box:

"Anhui office (anhui)

Address: yao in hefei area 238 sheng li road

General manager office: qiu

Hand machine: 18956039311

Mail box:

"Henan office (henan)

Address: zhengzhou erqi district RuHe road and huaibei street east Cambridge golden field 319 county on the 5th floor

General manager office: Wu Shaodong

Hand machine: 13503831424

Telephone: 0371-67952225

Mail box:

Office address: shanxi taiyuan Wan Bailin district west street Wan Sha cannes village room 4-4-701 victory

Shanxi area manager: Tian Wanli

Hand machine: 18636847623, 13934592104

Machine: 0351-6827461

Mail box:

Low shaanxi office (shaanxi)

Address: xi 'an tsing lung road no. 2111, tower 2, western dais xinyuan

General manager office: Lv Maoyun

Hand machine: 13992820816

Telephone: 029-82402017

Mail box:

Low hunan office (hunan)

In changsha kaifu district of the four seasons scenery to address: room 801, building 15

General manager office: Winston

Hand machine: 13036786728

Telephone: 0731-84530505

Mail box:

"Shandong office (shandong)

Address: teachnolosy of HongLou south road 11-1

Office manager: zhang

Hand machine: 18678802015

Mail box:

Low guangxi office (guangxi)

Address: nanning green area of national road, room 5041, building A, 45

Office manager: liu yi

Hand machine: 18577966961

Mail box:

"Hebei office (hebei)

Hebei office address: room 1008, chaoyang street south of baoding city hong yue international

Hebei area manager: jun-kai wang

Hand machine: 15128260188

Mail box:

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